AvatarBrian Foster

Oh boy!  I need to get better faster than that.  I have been out of tennis for a while, and I need to get back full time on the court ASAP.  I have started hitting lightly.  Looks like I am going to have to go to ultra focused mode.  

1.  Sit as little as possible( I am homeschooled so I have more freedom) 
2.  Focus on perfect posture(almost uncomfortable) during workouts, and every day life.
3.  Smash upper abdominals, serratus anterior, pec major, pec minor, lat, Subscap, scalenes, and upper trap every day 2 mins perside.  twice a day if time.
4.  5 way shoulder mob, one minute per exercise/per side.  
5. rotator cuff strengthening 
6. PT exercises
7. lower body mobs, so other problems do not arise.
hopefully this will do the trick for me.  I am fine keeping up with, just hope that the pain/bad posture/symptoms are gone within 1-2 months!