AvatarDustin Weber

The spurring isn’t from the plantar fascia, that has recently been disproved based on anatomical examination.it’s hard to definitively say without seeing your first hand in a clinic setting but I find that heel spurs often aren’t the cause of the issue and rather an enthesopathy at the medial tubercle of the calc where the plantar fascia inserts could very well be implicated.. Self myofascial release will assist in treating symptoms but I’d suggest jumping in some supportive shoes or even an orthotic depending on your foot type simply over the short term to alleviate symptoms and allow tissue stress to reduce to a point where healing can occur. Assess your hip to determine if an anteriorly deviated pelvis is putting additional strain on post leg compartment to maintain upright position. If this is the case smash glute bridges post SMFR and mobility work of hip flexors. This however is simply only addressing saggital plane deficits. The problem may be occurring at a variety of different levels from 1st MTPJ motion, to weak/poor timing of tib post in midstance, structural deformity at foot (of which orthotic is really your only answer), weak/timing issue with post fibres of gluteus medius during gait etc

As you can see unless thoroughly assessed in a clinical setting you can’t really pin point the cause of your problem. I’d suggest that’s why Kelly doesn’t really provide treatment advice but rather maintenance strategies to alleviate niggles and hopefully prevent injury. You can either empower yourself with as much on the topic as possible or alternatively safe yourself the time and frustration and get to an experienced therapist. Using a lot of Kelly’s stuff in conjunction with physical therapy will give you a great chance of recovery so I’m certainly not disvaluing his product/advice (cause its great and I’m very thankful for it)

Good luck