Have you watched the webinar:
The Big Engine: Anatomy and Function of the Lumbar Spine and Pelvis Complex?
Understanding more about how the pelvis moves can help you to keep it in a better position throughout the day and know what areas may be impacting this area.
Some episodes which hit on muscles around the pelvis or will impact muscles in this area.
The adductors/medial chain is an area that is very neglected when it comes to  joint mobility, sliding surface dysfunction, and tight muscles.
Pro Episode # 45 – Pro user Request Friday: The Dread Piriformis Syndrome (Like the Dread Pirate Roberts…but Different)
Pro Episode # 36 – Voodoo Floss Series # 3: The High Hamstring
Episode 308: I Am MWod: Laura Phelps
Episode 208: Wide Stance Prep or Fixing Sumo+Decompression
Episode 173: Improve Your Medial Chain Dominance
Episode 36: Spinal Mobility; Box Squat Groin Torture; Spine Rot/Adductor Stretch
Episode 14: Celebrity Goat Death Match: Chris Spealer
Here are some that will help address your squat.
Pro Episode # 27 – Butt Winking Is NOT ok. Ever. (So don’t you even think it.)
The tight pelvis is impacting the situation too.
You’ll want to look at improving your hip flexion.
Are you seeing any improvements with what you have been working on?