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AvatarNathan Richer

Coming back from an injury can be really tough. as you have discovered, the scar tissue may not be pliable yet. some questions:

1. what caused the initial injury?
2. how long did it take until you were pain free?
3. did you see a clinician to help you with recovery?
4. have you seen any specialists like ART or graston folks to help make the tissue more functional?
5. is there pain now, or more just soreness?
6. is there ever a time with no pain? how does the high hamstring feel then?
7. can you elaborate more on “hard to sit for long periods of time”? are you sitting properly, ie. good posture? what’s your chair like? most chairs suck. you may want to try a small wedge to tilt yourself forward.
i have a similar issue with my right high ham where i cannot smash it – balls of any softness do not work and make it more sore. the only thing that does work is flossing with band distraction while lying on the ground.
but also it could be some other issue up and/or downstream that is exacerbating the problem and causing it still to be reactive, and therefore resistant to smashing and flossing.  please do report back and lets see if there is something that we can suggest via this forum!