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Xiomara RomeroXiomara Romero

Thanks David!  I really hope I haven’t messed up a disc.  A lot of the reason I think my movement pattern is messed is because of what you mention in #1 and #4.  I think I’m constantly in extension, because (a) poor proprioception and difficulty differentiating between lumbar and thoracic articulations and (b) my low kinesthetic awareness makes me think that overextension is good posture, and I’ve somehow retrained my brain to think that being overextended both in the lumbar and thoracic region is my neutral spine, and would actually be neutral feels like slouching.  When I try to get into an organized position (squeeze glutes, pull ribs down, tighten belly, and screw shoulders and head back), I think the pulling the ribs down part might actually require me to bend forward at the waist a little bit. I definitely feel a good stretch in my lower back when I do that, as if it’s been incredibly tight… but i don’t want to overflex my lumbar spine, so I’m never sure.  If I allow myself to try to bend over without trying to keep an arch in my back, the pain is diminished a lot, and I think I may have a good hinge again.   I just could never tell if I was bending at the hips or at the waist when I would do this, and would be afraid of doing it wrong.  Yet like I said, doing it this way reproduces less pain.

I do have a pole at my house and at work.  The only problem is that I realize I can get the 3 points of contact in multiple ways, and one of is still overarching my back.  Are there any videos on here that give some good queing in terms of the whole organized position?  I’m having some trouble differentiating between #2 pull ribs down and #3 get belly tight.

I really hope I haven’t messed up a disc.  Do you know of any reputable physios in the LA area?  Someone who’s really familiar with lifting and sports would probably be my best bet.