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AvatarAlyssa Short

It sounds like a forward rotation of the pelvis (right side more forward relative to the left). I’ve had left SI Joint problems, which in turn caused a bunch of hip and pelvic distortions, and I’m pretty sure I’ve dealt with the rotational dysfunction(?) that you’re describing. The right glute inactivation is consistent with a Right on left rotation of your pelvis.

Try to complete this quick routine and see if it improves your condition. If it is indeed a pelvic rotation, it should instantly feel better as you progress (especially right after the first two exercises).

While any lumbar rotation would probably sort itself out upon correction of the pelvis, and maybe some foam rolling and mobilising of the low back, you’ll have to work a bit harder to fix any femoral issues, which are likely present. I’m not quite sure what exactly you could do, however I think you may benefit from just going through the various banded distractions (mainly the lateral and posterior) that Kelly prescribes to help open up your hips. For me, personally, I had to focus heavily on doing some of the distractions shown on this presentation, before I was able to get any benefit from those shown in Kelly’s videos. I was able to do the lateral and inferior glides on my own using some bands.

Anyway, I’m not a doctor or a therapist, but just from my experience treating my own injuries and imbalances, I do think that you will find your condition improve fairly quickly after doing the routine that I posted in the first link. I hope that helps!