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Xiomara RomeroXiomara Romero

Thanks!  I’ve seen that link, and have been doing some of those things, but not consistently cause I would get confused on how to do them right.   I’ll work on them more now.!  Question… I get a little confused with “Make sure the pelvis does not shift away from the tightness in the hip.”  Does that mean my pelvis cannot move at all when i cross my leg? 

Actually, that leads me to an even more basic question: even before crossing the leg, just flexing the hips while supine will cause my pelvis (or butt, or sacrum… not exactly sure if I’m describing it right) to come a little bit off the ground.  I get very confused when laying supine and doing anything that requires flexing the hips to 90-90 on whether my sacrum needs to stay completely grounded on the floor, or if is naturally supposed to come up a bit.  So many supine exercise descriptions don’t specifically mention this aspect, so I’m not sure if that means it’s naturally supposed to come up a bit, or if my hip flexion patterns are so messed up that most people would naturally keep their sacrum pinned to the floor.  If I try to pin it to the floor, i feel like I am creating a bigger arch in my back, and I always thought I was supposed to flatten my back to the ground for stuff like this.  I think I need a little clarification on which parts of my body should be moving and which shouldn’t.

Thanks again!