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AvatarTyler Hawkins

Ok thanks Kaitlin I watched all the videos and did some of the stretches I could do at home. Let’s see, let me try to answer your questions….

I haven’t done much except rest and try keeping off it. This seems to have helped some but it’s not getting me all the way and I know it’ll deteriorate if I do something again (surf, basketball, etc…). Is ice a good idea? Anti-inflammatory meds? Currently I’m just stretching based on these vids.
I hadn’t really looked upstream downstream, I’m not very sophisticated on these matters. But I got in there pretty carefully yesterday and noticed tension down my right leg into the calf. Previous to this I’ve had some knee pain in the right knee so maybe these are all connected. I watched the video mentioning to even stretch the neck so I’m doing that as well.
Any other advice beyond stretching is much appreciated, but maybe I just need to dig into “the nastiness.” on a regular basis.