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AvatarKent Zelle

Goodness gracious! My cuboid had just popped out last week. I believe it’s from a combo of poor ankle rom, tight peroneus longus and tight calf muscles, all thanks to the increase in running I’d suddenly started. My ankle lacks ROM, especially extroversion and dorsiflexion (two that I really need for running! doh!) I think I smoked my calves and then was jamming my ankle on each landing. Baaaaad me, I know. (I Pose run, but just haven’t built volume up yet.) My Huz pushed my cubiod back in place (no joke! thank you google) and I experienced immediate relief and total relief of aches in about two days. Back to walking with a pack but not running yet. Serious calf soreness still. I’m massaging out and now a even tighter left ankle and heel with some arch twinges. Doing Yoga Tune Up Jill Miller feet and ankles “prescription” and it is helping but not enough.

I understand that I could easily reinjure this and the ligaments could get lax if I keep straining it. What are some other things that need to be addressed that I’m missing here?

Fibula, ankle work, foot work, calf work…any thing else to add? I agree- my ankles and heels are not moving…like concrete. Are there any “secret” parts that are tight that may be contributing to this cuboid giving way?