AvatarLoren Phillips

I have the same problem, and have been hitting the hip capsule mobs pretty hard on a daily basis. What I’m really unclear about is what are the muscular restrictions of end range hip flexion? I’ve been reading different opinions as to how the hamstrings are involved… Tony Gentilcore proposes multi-planar hamstring mobilizations as the hamstrings are stiff in relation to the anterior core, which results in pelvic tuck. 

Also, how should an athlete with more of an extension bias should work hip flexion as opposed to an athlete with a more flexion bias? For example, should an athlete with an extension bias who theoretically already has lengthened hamstrings do any work on their hamstrings? My brain just died. 

As an idea, I think it would be great if the DailyRX would present different daily mobilizations for people in flexion and people in extension.