AvatarPawan Lalwani
Scored 17 out of 21 on the FMS Screen

Deep Squat I had some trouble with my feet shoulder width going deep, with my heels up on something I was able to go deeper without any problems. They did notice my right knee tracked in a little, but nothing too bad. I usually squat with a bit of a wider stance, toes pointed out just a bit as seen in the video above.

Hurdle Step Scored a 2 they mentioned I swing my leg out and over the line instead of just stepping over.

Inline Lunge scored a 2, was a little shaky coming down, but not much else to be noted.

Shoulder Mobility scored a 3, surprising since I separated my shoulder a couple years back and didn’t rehab all the much, just ROM drills, no real soft tissue mobs

Active Straight Leg Raise scored a 3, good hamstring mobility, not much to note, however I do feel a pulling on my left kneecap when mobilizing the biceps femoris with a lacrosse ball, also felt it when a PT hit a trigger point dry needling, continuing to work on that.

Trunk Stability Pushup scored a 3, didn’t say much about this, other than I scored a 3

Rotary Stability scored a 2, could do the movement when lifting my left hand and leg(affected side) but couldn’t remove my right knee and hand from the ground without falling over. Could do the bird dog movement opposite sides just fine, heard everyone has issues with this one. Curious why I could complete the original movement with my left side, but not on my right. Any insight here is appreciated, forgot to ask.

Passed the shoulder impingment test and posterior rocking test. No real asymmetry noted except for the rotary stability. He did check my psoas and I didn’t have any tenderness/tightness. Noticed my rectus femoris on my affected leg is pretty tight vs unaffected side. Gives me a couple things to look into and work on, but I feel like I’ve been working on most of this stuff already with all the mobs and strength exercises I’ve done.