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AvatarRyan Cloutier

Joint supplements:
1) NEM – natural egg shell membrane (500mg)
2) pycnogenol (100mg)
3) fish oil (2000mg)
4) krill oil (500mg)
5) curcumin (500mg) 

6) Serrapeptase – 270 000 IU (for muscle tightness and joint)
Note: They dont seem to have helped much. I am thinking of replacing my curcumin with Thorne Meriva (a high potency curcumin, with 20x more absorption) based on all the good reviews. Someone even said its worked better than cortisone shots. I have also tried MSM and type 2 collagen from fortigel.
General Health Supplements:
1) Magnesium Biglycinate (200mg)
2) Vit D (2000mg)

Diagnostic imaging done:
1) X-ray on knee – showed nothing abnormal besides patella tilt
2) ultrasound on/and around knee- showed mild inflammation in my right knee, nothing serious
3) MRI – getting it done in January

4) X-ray for leg length – showed that my right leg is 1.1 cm shorter (the leg with the knee pain is shorter)

Previous treatments:
1) Many Physiotherapists/massage therapists/FMS certified strength and conditioning specialist- looked at mobility, muscular imbalances, glute medius, glute maxmus, VMO strengthening, core strengthening, stretching, self myofascial release, foam rolling, suction cupping, ART, massage therapy, orthotics, gait analyses, heel wedge for leg length discrepency, electrically stimulated trigger point dry needling (PENS/electroaccupuncture), acupuncture, went to Fowler and Kennedy sports medicine clinic in London Ontario and many other places. I am currently seeing a new physiotherapist whose focusing on postural work.

2) Dr Robert Banner (London ON) – 6 treatments of Prolozone injections, once every month so far. Only noticed temporary relief of pain, maybe for 2 weeks after each injection (The pain relief was dramatic tho, about 75% pain relieving effect). Has recommended EMF (electromagnetic field) protective devices such as diodes. He says it may help since my symptoms are worse on rainy days. Seems very pseudoscience tho. 

3) Osteopath – Just started seeing one, had 2 treatments done. She noticed my right hip is tilted anteriorally (hip-misalignment). She is trying to re-align the pelvis. So far no benefits from treatment besides my back feeling a lot looser, and I come out of it with a better posture (which doesn’t usually last). She is inexperienced (still in school, but seems really competent), but charges a very cheap rate. She also noticed my upper back is kyphotic and lower back has some lordosis (I already knew this).