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re: FMS – i saw that in a previous post. what i was wondering about was the actual scores you got. Or did he not score you in the traditional FMS way?  These would be a score of 0 to 3 for every one of the 7 tests. some of the screens have both left and right components.

re: X band vs. clamshells. Everything works to some degree. Clamshells just tend to be isolated in its effect. Generally the world is moving to not prescribing isolated muscle group exercises when you reach the pain free stage.  I think you see more of it when you are trying to get from pain to no pain.
But i guess since i admit not reading every post in this thread, do you have pain now or are you pain free?
As you say things like X band walks are more functional and tend towards reactive neural training (RNT) style of exercises. with RNT, you want to have something pulling a joint into a bad position and your job is to perform movement attempting to keep the joint in the correct position.  Then when you take the pulling away, your body tends to remember to keep the joint in the right position afterwards, activating the correct muscles, etc. during that movement. 
So for X band walks, the RNT tries to push your legs together. You are forced to use the correct muscles to keep the legs straight in the right positions for walking.  Then you take away the X bands and your muscles should be slowly learning how to fire even without them.