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AvatarPawan Lalwani

Thanks for posting that Kefu. Gives some othets some additional things to look at if they aren’t getting results.

Followed my plan to continue with my strength plan and add in more mobility work this week, mostly focused on the quads for now. Felt pretty good during the week, no real knee pain, maybe some twinges. Went backcountry skiing today and felt my hip flecked, IT band, and lateral quad start to tense up, didn’t cause pain, more of an irritated feeling.

Got home and decided to really focus on smashing my quadriceps on the affected leg. Using a 30lb kettlebell I moved it up and down my quads until I found the tender spots. Worst spot is on the vastus lateralis right near where it attaches to the patella. Since I started working that spot it’s become very tender and formed a more noticeable knot, is that normal? I feel like the wall stretch isn’t really hitting my vastus lateralis. I feel it a lot in the rectus femoris and hip flexors. Is there a specifc way to target the vastus lateralis with a stretch after a smashing session?

I feel like I’m zeroing in on what is causing my issues. I feel like the following are my main issues. Tight overactive quads, tight and shortened hip flexors which are both pulling me into anterior tilt, which I feel like are inhibiting my glutes, this creates even more work for the hip flexors and tightens up my IT Band, also contributing to the lateral pull on my kneecap. My weak hamstrings and core aren’t strong enough to keep me in a neutral position. Muscles in the front are currently winning.