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AvatarRyan Cloutier


    Its a really frustrating injury. My knee pain has become manageable (but still persistent) but it has changed my mood. Its made me mildly depressed, I have forgotten all the joys of life. I cant be active without some sort of pain and stiffness with the patella grinding harshly. I feel like a stiff old man always consciously thinking of my moves and positions and not to trigger knee pain or tightness in IT band. 
    I might think about buying myself a graston kit ASTYM kit. Or seeing a health professional who does graston.
    Have you tried osteopathic manipulations. Maybe an osteopath or chiropractor will find a contributing factors to your situations during the evaluation. Look into making an appointment with a PM$R physician specializing in sports medicine. They are really well trained in the neuromuscular system and can do EMG or gait analysis. 
    Try rolling out your hip  flexors and stretching them prior to your physio routine if your not doing so already. You will be able to activate the glutes better that way. The tight muscles are restricting full range of motion of your glutes. This might be causing the hamstrings to take predominance over any hip thrust/glute bridges and bird dogs or other glute exercises.. 
    Also try capsule stretching with the bands from rogue fitness. They are also good for lateral side steps for glute medius activation. 
    Do you have a leg length discrepancy? Maybe thats contributing.
    Keep us updated on what seems to work. Looking forward to your posts.