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AvatarRyan Cloutier

Thanks Kaitlin and David for all the help thus far. I have asked my sports medicine primary care physician to refer me to PM&R (physiatrist) doctor specializing in sports medicine. I dont know yet when the appointment will be. 

I  had my first appointment today with a new osteopath (experienced one this time). She recommends a heel wedge for my leg length discrepancy (right leg is shorter by 1.1 cm, which is the side of my knee pain). I had an argument with her whether or not heel wedges should be advised for 1.1 cm discrepancy. She said she did her thesis on leg length discrepancy, and says the osteopathic manipulations wont be of much help if I dont address the leg length discrepancy with a heel wedge. She said the body is out of alignment due to the leg length discrepency and this is causing the right pelvis to shift/rotate anteriorly. She said if I dont use the heel wedge and she does the manipulations the body will just get out of alignment again. 

I am confused on what to do. I was wearing the heel wedge for 1-2 months from oct-nov and it didnt help. In fact my knee pain was slightly increasing during this time (dont know if its due to the heel wedge or some other reason such as colder weather or extended periods of sitting etc..). She thinks it didnt help becasue I did not get osteopathic manipulations done during the same time. Their is a lot of conflicting info:

People who told me not to wear a heel wedge: family physician, clinical biomechanical expert who does research at my university and is focused on gait analysis, and foot mechenics, sock-doc (a highly regarded chiropractor on the internet who specializes in this area, website is:, a massage therapist whose FMS certified, and other internet sources such as Harvard University Boston Children hospital.

People who told me to wear a heel wedge: initially the PM&R physician in Markham Dr. Ko (physiatrist) with a chiropractor who work together, and now the osteopath I have seen today.