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AvatarRobert Papson

Hi Kaitlyn,
Thank you for responding.
I did foam roll all below my hips front and back. I used a smooth normal density foam roller.

I would love to try IASTM as you mentioned if there is provider in my area.
Right now, all I can do about it is using metal spoon and try to do it myself.

I did MRI of my thigh.
The summary is:

1)      Nodular surface of the distal ITB with few small nodules within the ITB substance, compatible with scarring/ fibrosis. This most likely corresponds to patient’s symptomps. The ITB remains intact and adherent to Gerdy’s tubercle.

2)      Mild muscle strain involving distal vastus lateralis muscle as well as the muscle-tendon junction. The distal quadriceps tendon is intact.

I can feel my tight ITB (the one with scar tissue all over it) pulling my hip and throw my pelvis out of balance.This is my issue. My ankle and my knee at opposite leg is painful due to wrong walking gait.

I browse online and read somewhere that scar tissue once formed can only be excised surgically to remove it.
This thing is also surprisingly not familiar among orthopedic doctor at least in my area.

Regarding the construction worker you mentioned, what kind of treatments you provide to him? Anything other than IASTM?
What happen to the scar tissue? Would it “dissolve”?