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AvatarJames Beatty

Videos as mentioned. Do these several times a day, but don’t go overboard for more than an hour. Let us know how things go, good luck.

1) Smash your quads, ITB, and hip flexors. Specifically, your rectus femoris. Show no mercy; you need to drop the foam roller and start smashing that with a barbell and a softball. Spend 8:00 per leg, twice a day.

Correct Quad Smash Technique:

Barbell Smash:

2) Couch/wall stretch like it’s your job. I’m talking like at least 3 times per day, at 2:00 per leg (6:00 per leg / per day). This is the most important in conjunction with #1.***


3) Voodoo band your high hip, mid quad, suprapellar pouch, and high calf / right below your patella. Perform squats (good form) and calf raises / stretches while in the bands for ~ 20 reps.



How To Make Your Own Voodoo Bands:

4) Smash and stretch your calves and anterior tibialis:


5) Pay Attention to exercise form, and other mobility aspects above and below the knee.