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Hey guys, obviously a long convo but I tried to read as much of it as I could. I have some of the same issues, but also some differences, and am just looking for some feedback. In 7th grade I got oshgood schlatter in my left knee. At the time I was a very active kid. Football, basketball, baseball, soccer, sports all year. I kept doing all these sports and played through the knee pain, but over the course of the next year, I started to compensate for this pain. I got pinched nerves around my sacral bones, starting on the left side but moved to my right. I did not know at the time, but it’s bexause I was rotating my femoral heads (left to right) on an axis. I did this consciencly and subconscienly because I was trying to take weight off of my left knee w/ O.S. Another consequence was that my left femoral head dropped, and thus that left Sacal bone dropped with it. This is where the pinching came in on that left sacral bone. The pinched nerves were absolutely awful, and I had to stop playing sports because of it. In response to the pain, I started locking out the muscles in lower back and top of the hip (like a band that goes across/around Sacral bones from hip to hip). I basically put my lower back in flexion and, next year, in reponse, began to sit on my hip joints. When I say this, I mean I began to tighten those outside quad and anterior hip muscles because it gave me stability. I had none, no matter what I was doing, becuase the hip and lower back tightening that gave me no hop mobility meant that those lower glute muscles were doing no work. I could barely get them to turn on. This obviously gave a anterior pelvic tilt, and like most people with Anterior tilt, wasn’t using my Lower an muscles. To try to describe this to you, I have a huge mound/mass of muscle that sits on the front side of my greater trocanter. Like it literally sticks out. It is my entire stability. For example, if I do a leg lift, i don’t feel my abs or gluten active at all. My lower back tightens and that big clump of muscle just hulks up. It looks like Popeye after he eats his spinnage. To further progress this, my patella’s are very tight, because of that clump of muscle directly in front of my trochanter, My legs(and thus knees) are turned inward from the hip. My knees used to feel like I was going to tear my ACL whenever I cut(quick shifting) of did squats. In response, I have tightened my patellas because, again, it seems to give me stability. If you don’t have glute activation and you flex your lower back, chances are your knees will start to feel an inward pressure( you can try it for yourself) the glutes are the muscles that should give you stability when you cut squat etc, and since they are very unactive, I am forced to tighten my patellas, and they are on fire. I am just hoping to get any feedback from you guys. Maybe some of you can apply this to your own problems and I would appreciate any advice back. Have any of you guys made progress? If so I would really like to know what it is your doing so I can try some of it myself. Thanks!