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Thanks Kefu, very similar to the critique the mckenzie certified pt gave me, especially about the butt wink at the bottom.  Said that could be why squats seem to aggravate my condition.  Funny thing is that I have excellent hamstring mobility, so I’m missing it somewhere else.  I did purchase some of Naudi’s videos, just haven’t had a chance to watch them yet.

This is what I posted in that other thread I have going on at
“Just wanted to report back, wore the tape since Wednesday, it definitely served to remind me when I was slouching. Did the McKenzie exercises daily and slept with a pillow under my lumbar spine. The tightness and irritation are basically non-existent when I really pay attention to posture. My IT band on the affected leg seems much looser than it’s been in quite some time. It feels un-natural how straight I have to stand up to stop the tightness and pain from coming back. I notice that when I’m standing my shoulders want to slouch forward if I don’t pay extremely close attention, this results in a slight rounding of my back. If I notice the tightness coming back I immediately go into standing back extension and it seems to help.

I haven’t ridden my bike or gone touring while trying to ride or skin with improved posture, but that’s the next step. I’ve been told my posture on the bike needs improvement by one of the first bike fitters I went to, it’s very easy to get lazy and let your back round on the road or mountain bike when you get tired. I’m sure the same thing happens while I’m touring, leaning over slogging up a steep long slope allowing my back to round. Same thing with after I’m done with a long ride or tour, I am usually exhausted and my posture probably suffers for it. Have my next appointment on Wednesday, so I’ll be interested in what conclusions we come up with after this test. It appears that any exercise or posture that keeps me more upright and keeps the posterior chain tight helps my issue. Trick is going to be staying on top of myself and figuring out how to make some lasting changes.”
I did go ski touring tonight, just up a local resort and paid very close attention to my posture.  I went pretty hard to see if I could keep my posture in check while exerting myself, it’s very hard to do once you’re winded and trying to run up the mountain on skis.  I didn’t pay attention to my breathing, which I really should have.   It seemed to help during the activity, feeling twinges now, but haven’t done any extension press-ups after the activity.  This last week the only things I’ve done are light one legged rdls, extenstion pressups(standing and lying) and some light foam rolling on the rectus femoris.  Tightness is so much better, but still comes back  if I’m not religious about the extension press ups.  Wondering if I actually have a back issue or if this is all posture related/core related.  I’ve been hitting the core pretty hard over the last couple weeks prior to just doing the extensions, but maybe not focusing on the right muscles.