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AvatarRyan Cloutier

A few things ive noticed in that video as a critique:

Looking from the side:
1) Before you even squat I notice you are in anterior pelvic tilt. I notice lumbar curvature as the shirt sags.
2) Your hip hinging seems fine as you kick back your glutes and draw the hips in for hip flexion. That is good.
3) Your knees arent tracking over your toes and shin is approximately vertical which is also good
4) Your pelvis starts to tuck under the deeper you go. Notice the point when your lower back is in extension and switches to flexion. You dont want to switch to flexion. Only do squats as deep as you can maintain that lowerback extension (neutral spine has the lumbar curvature in slight extension), So keep the spine neutral throughout the squat.
5) When you get up from the bottom position you push through your heels but you lose slight balance and the toes lift off. You want to avoid the toes lifting up and you want to keep a strong base. A guideline to follow is 75% weight on heels and 25% on toes. 
6) Your final position at the top of the squat you try to do hip extension but it cause you to sway your upper back behind the glutes and creating more lordosis. Instead dont exagerate the hip extension rather focus on posterior tilting the pelvis during the last phase. Naudi Aguilar talks about this. 
Looking from the front:
1) Even on the downward phase of the squat your toes lift off. Try keeping them down.
2) You do seem to be symmetrically from left to right atleast through this video