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AvatarPawan Lalwani

djrachman, sounds pretty similar to what I have going on.  Like you I started out where I could barely lift 2 plates on the hamstring curl machine single legged.  I’m now up to 10 plates singled legged 3×5, trying to build strength with high weight, low reps.  It does seem to help, but only for a day or two.  In general tightening up my posterior chain helps but isn’t a lasting fix, maybe my quads are still dominating my hamstrings?  Maybe I need to focus on my back?  I’ve found that just staying active helps me, it doesn’t allow my hip flexors to tighten up. When I go out for a big effort on the bike or ski touring and sit around after everything tightens up.  If I stay active and do some mobility work I am much better off.  Maybe that’s why walking is helping you?  I don’t think I walk enough, I do other sports instead.  Walking seems like such a fundamental movement, it’s probably not a bad idea to increase my mileage.

Went and got dry needled for the first time, it just became legal for PTs to perform dry needling in UT.  Before performing the work she did an assessment and noticed a pretty noticeable leg length discrepancy on my affected side(functional).  She also noticed limited external rotation in my affected leg.  I also have limited dorsiflexion of that ankle due to breaking my calcaneus years back.  She had me squat like I was doing a goblet squat, then squat with my arms above my head.  When squatting with my arms above my head it was much harder for me to go deep and my knees wanted to come in.  She mentioned tight lats can affect that and gave me a couple stretches to try. 
She worked on my affected side, needling the vastus lateralis, calf, and tfl.  Got some twitch reactions from my vastus lateralis and a really big one from my calf.  The TFL didn’t seem to react at all, she thought maybe it’s because I have such a chronic issue.  However. the tfl did feel pretty sore after.  I’ve started religiously flossing my tfl and practicing squats.  I do feel less impingement in the front of the hip.  Probably just a temporary fix, but hoping it helps reinforce good movement patterns while the tfl has less tone.