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First of all calm down. Just to let you know you are not the only one going through this nightmare. Especially when you thought you had done everything under the sun and nothing seemed to really help or help long enough. The pain and tightness always comes back. First you have to understand that the hip/leg area consists of many muscles/tendons/fascia etc. bone alignment. One would normally start with the orthopaedic doctor and slow go off to more alternative forms of treatment. Well that is good for a start. Many things are too simplified and many things were also hypothesized wrongly even by master therapists. I can tell you for sure it is not as simple as lifting the heel or lengthening the heels. The cause of the problem is normally way higher up. You have an injury that caused some muscle imbalance which had altered your body and hence the ITB appeared to be short. I may have shorten a little on its own as well but it did not start with that. The shortening came in later. Don’t waste too much money on nutrition or muscle relaxant. Anti-imflamatory or supplement type anti-inflamatory is fine. Do bear in mind those are way too mild to have a long lasting effect. You question therefor would be. “I had done every theraphy available out there and why I can’t cure myself?” Simple, the root of the problem was not identified correctly. Many times, the symptoms were wrongly identified as the source of the problem or rather the main or primary cause were never addressed. You must understand all these therapies are regulated and no therapy is allowed or trained to provide a working force or technique that could alter the physical state of the Fascia. In fact the fascia is badly misunderstood by the therapist community. Anything not done right or incomplete will be pushed to blaming the fascia. You will need a person who totally understand how these muscle works, joins and finally a technique so powerful yet simple. It can cure you in one session. Long session perhaps. If you do the RIGHT THINGS RIGHT, it will be solved. You just haven’t found it. No mainstream therapy I know off is able to “cure” you. Yet,many people like yourself and worse re being cured everyday. 
1. Accupuncture will only give temporary relief.
2. Trigger Point Therapy will only give some relief, it is too mild. 
3. Massages will practically be useless it is the Advanced Tuina, which will help to some degree but the tightness will return because Tuina masters are weak in 
    complete system diagnosis.
4. Cupping will give some temporary relief IF ONLY DONE ON CORRECT POINTS. Under the hands of a Grandmaster hybrid Cupping Manipulation(A Very Highly 
    Effective Therapy but only available in certain countries
5. T.E.NS and F.E.S is only for some comfort. Nothing more
6. Deep muscular accupuncture is good for starter but again not available in western countries. These are not the average accupunturist. They are the neuroi-
   muscular/bone experts who also do manipulation and joint mobilation.
7. The Heel Raise will only give you a See-Saw effect and a thigh muscle strain
8. Chiro? Not the standard ones of course. The average ones would probably do GONSTEAD and provide some short-term relief
I am trying to tell you that, the direction you are going is not right. DO NOT OVERLY STRETCH ON YOUR I.T.B etc. or else later when the problem is addressed alter, you would have a second problem the later being a overly laxed etc. DO NOT FORCE OR APPLY GREAT FORCE IF YOU ARE NOT 100% SURE THAT IS THE ROOT OF THE PROBLEM. 
In my country, this is easily fixed. Something we see everyday. If you a professional sports person, chances are that you have been seen by your sports rehab specialist. The VOODOO Band is doing a Compression on the Fascia but that is still mild and it will not have a lasting effect. When it is in place, sure it feels good. 
Rolling on the side is too tedious and has to be done a few times a day. I think you are thinking of getting rid of the problem permanently or at least for a few years.
Yes, but these are all proprietary and non mainstream techniques. Some are very simple but is so powerful it will out do hundreds or stretching sessions. All thiose things you mentioned are just basics of manual Medicine and sports therapy. All these EMG and advanced technology and still not much result todate –  how strange. As for your comment – “Thats weird that your a bit bow-legged because that should put you at more risk for medial knee pain rather than lateral knee pain”. Not necessarily, commonly but not always the case. Sometimes bow legged and rotated and sometimes translated. Sports medicine is not very complete in terms of it’s coverage. Even Flossing is relatively mild compared to what we have. I showed the VOODOO Band to some of the our practitioners and they were laughing at it as they had been doing these since 50-70 years back. Leave alone the price and effectiveness and for all that trouble. Things are overly commercialised in the western countries. Maybe you should try manipulation under anaesthesia(Just a Joke).  Even the the science behind the VOODOO Band is misunderstood. I am glad you realised that the VOODOO BAND AT IT’S recommended strength is not helping. So you are basically using it “off-label”. It is not the compression that is helping you. I am trained in all the therapies you listed and more and I can safely say they will not be able to “cure” you. You guys are so steadfastly following a science that is so shallow as to the degrees etc. Good for basics only. Can’t spill the beans but aren’t you glad if you can the whole piece of tendon/fascia/muscle out and stretch them out, measure them and put them back so they will work perfectly. Hmm..we can do that but close enough. An Important Question – Why is your leg shorter on one side and what had caused it? If someone gives you an answer, are you 100% sure he is right or you think he is right because he is qualified or certified.  Things, that takes too many sessions to get little results or less than ideal results simply means it is not entirely correct. Good Luck!