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AvatarPawan Lalwani

Since you posted about the deep core muscles and posture I’ve been trying to pay more attention to it.  In the past I was mostly doing side lying planks with a isometric holds, 1 minute on 15 seconds rest, 4 times on each side.  I’ve started adding some more front planks with my arms out further than in the past.  I’ve also started to work on releasing my psoas, laying on a lacrosse or softball and breathing, bringing my leg up then straightening while pinning the psoas down.  After releasing the psoas I feel a release that flows down to my SI joint and down to the lateral quads.  On the bike I’ve been paying attention to engaging my core during my pedal stroke.  It’s easiest on the road bike, as soon as I suck in and engage my core I feel I can apply more power to the pedals and my knees seem happier.  Only been trying this for a couple rides, but I think neglecting my deep abdominals was playing into the screwed up movement patterns I am stuck in.  It’s hard because I feel like I start focusing on one thing that seemingly helps but then neglect some other piece that is key to getting better.  So far the exercises or movements that have helped the most:

  • RDL(both one legged and two legged)
  • Hamstring Curls(one legged, high weight low reps)
  • X-Band Walks(progression from clamshells, and holding an exercise ball against the wall with one leg while in a side-lying position)
  • One Legged Glute Bridge
  • Smashing Lateral Quad and ITB with Kettlebell(only masks symptoms, but helps get me through the day)
  • Psoas Release
  • Engaging Core during movements
Hope you are seeing some improvement!