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AvatarRyan Cloutier

Hey Alpha919 and Kaitlin

You and Kaitlin have really gotten me thinking now. So frustrating how from all the therapist I have visited, you guys are the only ones that told me that something is wrong with my routine and that I should focus on frequency over duration. All the therapist didn’t even bother breaking down everything I do, so much for caring for their patients (or perhaps they just didn’t know any better).
I still have some questions before I change my approach to your recommendation:
1) Isn’t it hard to fit in all the various exercises required within a 1 hour period? Would I focus on different parts during each session, or would I do the same part for both sessions (i.e., would I roll out the rectus femoris with a barbell in both sessions? and if so wouldnt it get bruised or damaged for so much work?). Why was doing the exercises for 3 times a week but for longer periods of time wrong?
2) Your 5 points all mention mobility/stretching/self myofascial release work, but you havent mentioned any strengthening for muscular imbalances (i.e., glute, core strengthening, and functional exercises-besides the squats). Did you not do any strengthening to correct for muscular imbalances? Why were you tight in the first place? I have been told that self-myofascial work will only correct the symptoms, after which I will get tight again. I have tried doing self-myofascial work twice a day before for an extended period of time to no avail.
3) The barbell, and soft ball sounds very interesting. Are they better than a PVC pipe, rumble roller, and lacrosse ball that I have been using? I have an E-Z bar at home will that suffice? I rolled out my rectus femoris with that last night by putting the bar with protrusions on top of my leg and dragging it slowly, seemed to be effective for that muscle, and some of the adductors and vastus lateralis. Cant seem to get any other muscle groups with the EZ bar tho.
4) You mention couch wall/stress each leg. My problematic knee is the right one, although I have tight IT band/quad/hip flexor complex on both sides. Should I still do both legs, or focus more on my right leg?
5) I am not fimiliar with voodoo banding the high hip, mid quad, and high calf. I have seen one of kellies videos were he vodoo bands somones suprapatellor pouch with a half lacross ball under the band, and makes him do squats. What will voodoo banding those areas you mention do? And If I voodoo band do you suggest to have half a lacrosse ball under the band? Is their a video that shoes voodoo beanding the hi hip, mid quad, and high calf while performing squats. I checked all the videos you posted Kaitlin. Maybe I missed it.
6) All the exercises/stretches kelly performs with some type of band, around the high hip and gluteal fold area while stretching the hip flexor/high quad complex. Is that with a voodoo band? You did not mention performing those exercises, did you not perform them,? Are those capsule stretches?
I appreciate all the help thus far.