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AvatarKatie Hemphill

Hey Cr3do,

On top of clearing all that stiffness through the front of the shoulder and chest, I’d also take a stab at those lats. That’s some big meat that contributing to an internally rotated shoulder position, and often gets overlooked when people are trying to get outta d-bag mode.
On the topic of lats, it probably wouldn’t hurt for you to add some more pulling to your movement diet. Give your shoulders and excuse to go back where they belong! Strongly recommending some horizontal pulling: barbell rows, dumbbell rows, body rows, whatever!
Also, start to take stock of your shoulder position throughout the day. An easy way to set a neutral position from standing is to just let your arms hang at your sides, gently draw your shoulders back and down, and rotate the pits of your elbows forward. Where your shoulders end up is a pretty solid place to let them rest. That doesn’t mean that every movement you do needs to have the shoulders in that position (nor should they be), but that neutral position represents a good resting position to assume between movements.
Now go get that back strong and sink a lacrosse ball into those delts.