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AvatarAmine Bennani

I have a similar problem. My LEFT SIDE has a more pronounced anterior tilt.  From my posterior, when you view my body laterally, my left glute is elevated.  My observation is that my left leg is slightly longer than my right. I’m right handed, but I stand on my left side frequently and it is my stronger leg.  I’m guessing that some of my low back, hip flexor pain is due to over use of my left side when doing excessive intensive exercise.  My pain is completely on my left side (when aggravated). I did a bunch of light weight 135lbs back squats and  and noticed that my left spinal erectors tightened up quite a bit.  That was yesterday, but it is good today.  I look like I limp a lot.

To help you with your question, I’ve found that rolling the adductors along with doing the hamstring floss has helped me manage this problem….allowing for some temporary relief in pain, though I’m not sure that that’s the solution to my problems long term.