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AvatarKay Heil

Before I watched these videos I was thinking. “I’m missing full range of motion, get full range of motion.”  it can’t be that simple

Then I watched the videos (which I’ve watched before) and now I’m starting to see how it fits all together.

On the pull up, my left fully dominates. Has most of full range and can generate torque off the pull up bar.  The right is missing some internal rotation/external rotation.  Translating this to a barbell bench press, I don’t get get as good shoulder extension when I bring the bar to my chest.

I’m getting overuse pains in my left. Right now it’s more like an unstable / sensory feeling that speaks like “if you do more pull ups I’m going to hurt, you should stop.”  There is also some mild clicking in the left shoulder.

During a dead hang position of the pull up my right feels restricted in the high lat area.  My left can full engadge and create really good torque.  Consequently, when I dead lift heavy, it’s the side that’s the strongest.

top 3 mobilization that come to mind (order of importance)
1.) Kettlebell with band distraction shoulder approximation while trying to do external rotation (both sides)
2.) Overhead stretch with external rotation band
3.) barbell internal external rotation

any other suggestions?  I know there are a ton, but I want to do the best bang for buck mobilization. other input would be appreciated as well. thanks a bunch Swimtastic!