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AvatarNathan Richer

regarding the pain level – you are probably very stiff and restricted in those muscles.  you may want to start with softer balls first to get more comfortably into the tissues and allow you to relax. the pain level may inhibit your ability to let go of the muscles.  try the yoga tune up therapy ball plus or YTU therapy balls:

they come in a bag to make a peanut out of them.

good job on the test/retest – always just do the movement test before you start smashing/mobilizing.  note how far you got. then smash/mob. get up and test again. did it get better? if it did, that muscle should be a target for more smashing/mob-ing on subsequent days.

i also forgot one body part to work – the lats:

go to about 2:40 where he rolls the lat with a roller. you can also use a yogatuneup alpha ball, or graduate to a supernova once your tissues adapt somewhat.