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Hey everyone!

Hope we’re getting on well with all of this craziness right now! My name is Japser, I’m and 18 and have played soccer at the highest youth levels in the country my whole life and have been an athlete my whole life. I recently left college to persue professional soccer in the hopes of one day representing the national team!I’m trying to make my dream come true but have felt extremely slowed down by what I believe to be ql pain because of my over extended hips and anterior tilt. during the day for bouts of mins to hours I have unpleasant low back pain and when I try to run my back pain is at its worst (feelings of spasms and tightness, almost like my low back is taking too much of the load as I run) at which I’m forced to stop. I’ve worked tirelessly to solve for my bio mechanics after tearing my acl last year and having time off to look at my own movement patterns and talk with various specialists. After reading Kelly’s book and testing out some stuff and looking at others speak I’ve devised some plans but I think they lack specific direction.

With all of this being said I’ve chosen to sideline my self from soccer until my pain is gone and I have sufficient hip and ankle mobility. My current goal and goal for the last 4 months after being cleared to go back and play soccer post acl was to become pain free in my low back and work on mobility until I truly felt pliable, strong and agile.

As of right now my training includes stationary bike interval work to keep fitness, core stability work and jump rope along with some technical movements for soccer.I dream of running pain free in the near future and getting back to doing what I truly believe I was put on this earth to do… be a professional athlete and inspire others to achieve their dreams!

If anyone has any thoughts on this that would be fantastic!

Thank you!

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