Welcome to Day #6 of the Built To Move 7-Day Walking Challenge. Watch the video below for today’s assignment and scroll down for your mobilization options. Today is a “choose your own adventure” day – pick ANY of the 6 mobilizations we’ve done so far and follow along.

Day #6 is all about SLEEP!

How is sleep related to walking? Great question. One of the ways to ensure a deeper, denser night’s sleep is to MOVE MORE throughout the day. Not just an hour workout at the gym. This is one of the reasons we LOVE walking so much. It’s an easy way to accumulate movement, which in turn helps us get to sleep – and sleep better. Remember to hit the mobilization at night – we LOVE using mobilization as a bedtime routine strategy. And our bodies love it, too.


Step up your sleep! Accumulate more movement today to ensure a deeper, denser sleep. Don’t forget to mobilize at night!


Band, Ball, or Roller


Choose your own adventure from the mobilizations below!