It’s Day #4 of our 10-Day commitment to LEVELING UP!

You’re on a roll! Three days down.

Day #4 is going to get you MOVING. Specifically, WALKING. This ESSENTIAL HABIT is all about combating the epidemic of sedentarism that is afflicting more and more humans across the globe. Many athletes we work with are shocked to discover that – even with their daily trips to the gym – they STILL qualify as sedentary. That is because WORKING OUT is not the same as MOVING ENOUGH.

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Get those walking shoes on!

Vital Sign 4: Walk This Way

We live in a sit-down, stay-still society. Our jobs are at desks. Our commutes are done in seats. Our nighttime routines are in reclined positions. We have become sedentary. And it’s literally killing us.

As mentioned, even the weekend warrior athlete who hits the recommended three-to-five weekly workouts can fall into this category. Think about it. One hour in the gym vs 8+ hours toggling between a chair, a seat, and a sofa. All that work, undone.

This Essential Habit is all about escaping this sedentary snare through the simple act of WALKING. By counting steps, taking intentional walks and employing more-step strategies, you will be literally stepping into your birthright as a human who was BUILT TO MOVE.

Built To Move Chapter Referenced: “Vital Sign 4: Walk This Way” (pp. 100-126)

Assessment: Steps-Per-Day Inventory

The recommendation we make in Built To Move is to aim for a minimum 8,000 – 10,000 steps per day and to hit 12,000 steps if at all possible.

In this assessment, we ask that you track your steps over the course of the next three days, then calculate your average daily distance.

What Your Results Mean: Refer to pp. 105-106 of Built to Move

Equipment Needed: Step Counter

Physical Practice: 8K-10K Steps

No surprise here. We want you to walk 8,000 – 10,000 steps each day. For the duration of the Challenge…AND for the rest of your days.

Equipment Needed: None

Physical Practice: Barefoot Walking

Going shoeless gives your feet increased sensory input, strengthens them, and helps you avoid the toll shoes can take on heel cords, arches, and other structures of the feet.

If it’s safe to do so, we recommend doing one barefoot walk a week.

Stacked Physical Practices:

• Floor-Sitting Positions (From Day #1)

Equipment Needed: None

Extra Credit: Rucking

If you don’t already know about rucking, it’s the term used for carrying weight in a backpack while walking. It’s an elegant, efficient way to increase the impact of your steps per day.

Your extra credit is to add rucking into one or more of your walks each week. You can go purchase a dedicated rucking backpack (we love the ones from GORUCK) or just take an old backpack and stuff it with soup cans.

Equipment Needed: Backpack and weight

Follow Along Mobilizations (3)

Equipment Needed: Band & Wall or Couch