Layne Norton: Demystifying Nutrition Research, Bone Crushing Consistency, and Why You Should Date Not Marry Your Beliefs

Layne Norton Demystifying Nutrition Research

Layne Norton
Demystifying Nutrition Research, Bone Crushing Consistency, and Why You Should Date Not Marry Your Beliefs

A self-proclaimed nerd who lifts heavy things, Layne has completed with honors both a BS in Biochemistry and a PhD in Nutritional Sciences. As an innovator in the fitness industry, Layne helped popularize flexible dieting and online nutrition coaching/contest prep. He has worked with countless clients and hundreds of competitors, many attaining pro status. Since moving away from online coaching Layne has written several books, developed the Carbon Diet nutritional coaching app, and created a number of certification courses. In 2016 Layne co-founded and launched the Biolayne Workout Builder subscription platform, and more recently, he launched Outwork Nutrition, an evidence-based supplement company.

Layne has made it his mission in life to demystify nutrition research. He has become a trusted source of solid information for us and the entire staff of The Ready State.

For more info about Layne, check out Biolayne, Carbon Diet Coach, Outwork Nutrition and follow him on Instagram.

Researchers, Studies, and Powerlifting Meets mentioned in the episode: 

06:40  We at TRS are huge fans of Layne and Biolayne
07:25  Layne runs through his background being bullied, finding weightlifting, and learning about hard work
08:50  Layne competed in his first bodybuilding show at 19, winning the teen and novice division
09:00  Layne competed all through college and grad school and won his natural pro card at 24
10:30  When looking at graduate programs he had a hard time finding an advisor doing what he was interested in so decided to contact some researchers from studies he was reading on PubMed; Dr. Don Layman
11:25  Layne started coaching people in 2005 and through word of mouth he was making a full time living at it
12:15  Layne tried some powerlifting meets while training and building up for his bodybuilding competitions; Mike Zourdos; USAPL
13:06  After Layne won his USAPL meet, Matt Gary let him know that he would have actually won nationals with his total and would have finished in the top 10 in the world
13:45  Layne won US Raw Nationals in 2014 and 2015 and then won a silver medal in IPF worlds, setting a world squat record
14:05  More recently Layne qualified for IPF World Masters Powerlifting Championships in October 2022 [Since this recording, Layne finished 1st in that comp!] 14:44  Layne describes training as the best form of therapy he’s ever had
18:15  Layne’s nutrition research actually changed the way he ate
18:50  Layne feels he learned more from coaching that his PhD about practical application
19:32  Layne is a bridge between hardcore research and the general population
20:58  More than anything, coaching is knowing how to talk to people and get them to buy in to the behaviors
21:23  It’s not a knowledge problem, it’s a behavior problem
23:20  Like the Starretts, Layne and his wife, Holly, are business partners
26:09  Layne has a mission in his businesses to fill a lot of gaps where they feel they can help people
26:30  They offer 1:1 coaching through Biolayne
27:10  They also have a nutrition app, Carbon Diet Coach which is in a completely different class than some of the other nutrition apps out there
28:20  The Biolayne site also has a subscription Workout Builder
29:09  Layne launched a supplement line in 2020 called Outwork Nutrition
29:15  Layne has recently started creating some online courses, some short, and long course on coaching body composition athletes in the works; Bill Campbell
30:35  Layne just launched a monthly research review, REPS, along with his co-author Jaymes Longstrom
32:50  The health and fitness industry has become inundated with misinformation and unverified nutrition research
38:00  Layne’s bestselling book, Fat Loss Forever, includes the “fat loss forever pyramid” which designates adherence as the basis of everything we do
39:18  Layne doesn’t get married to his beliefs, if you show him the information and it makes sense, he’ll change his mind – “don’t marry your beliefs, date them”
40:25  Layne doesn’t think that sugar created the obesity epidemic, which is a shift from his former belief; Manabu Nakamura
45:03  Layne’s client Sohee Lee did an experiment and ate a Snickers bar everyday of her training – she still lost body fat and did well in her show, but she did find that after a while she didn’t even want the Snickers because it wasn’t filling enough
48:13  People don’t like the idea of self responsibility
48:44  To the extreme anti-diet people that think dieting doesn’t work and you can’t change your body, Layne says, Ethan Suplee
50:30  Marie Spreckley’s systematic review of long term weight loss maintainers found many subjects that felt they had to assume a completely new identity
51:30  Ethan Suplee is an actor that lost 300lbs and kept it off and he uses the phrase, “killed my clone” meaning forming a new identity since the person he was wasn’t capable of doing what he’s doing now
52:33  We have to approach obesity with accountability and empathy
54:35  Layne became known as the “if it fits into your macros” guy, but it’s all about balancing the budget
57:00  The response Layne always gets is mired in false dichotomies and reductionism
58:55  You don’t need a biohack or a supplement, what you need is bone crushing consistency
59:20  Consistency is powerful
61:12  Nutrition research professionals tend to argue in the margins which isn’t very helpful to the average person
61:37  Layne follows Dave Ramsey in the finance sector and appreciates his idea of the “debt snowball” which applies perfectly to health and fitness strategies
63:48  Layne had skinny legs growing up and even after several years of bodybuilding so he made a pact with himself to train legs really hard for 10 years – after 15 years he set a world squat record at IPF Worlds
67:00  Rapid Fire TRS Staff questions: cholesterol
62:12  Rapid Fire TRS Staff questions: Impossible Burger and Beyond Burger
64:15  Layne’s socials

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