David Weck: Fitness Innovation, Balance, and the Origin of the Rope Flow

David Weck Innovation

David Weck
Fitness Innovation, Balance, and the Origin of the Rope Flow

David Weck is the inventor of the BOSU® Balance Trainer and founder of WeckMethod. David’s influence reaches millions of people across the globe. From world class athletes to disabled individuals regaining the ability to walk, David has been helping people achieve better functional fitness for the past 30 years. Among his many inventions, David is very excited to be launching a new ‘Innovation Group’ with the introduction of his latest invention, the WeckDeck. David’s stated mission is making “Every Step Stronger” for everyone.

We talk to David about the invention and development of the Bosu Ball, the origin of his rope flows, and get a great understanding of his passion for improving locomotion and human optimization for everyone.

For more info about David, check out the the WeckMethod website and follow him and WeckMethod on Instagram.

Books, Inventions, and Jump Rope Stars mentioned in the episode: 

05:45  Kelly uses David’s rope work everyday
06:41  Ropes are the Rosetta Stone of exercise modalities
10:50  David explains the WeckMethod – “Both Sides Utilized” practice
12:20  David invented the Bosu Ball while he was a personal trainer and actor
12:45  Manhattan is the ultimate roller rink
14:00  David mitigates the extremes of his personality with work and family
14:30  David’s feet became very weak and chronic back pain led David to set out to solve a problem, leading to the Bosu Ball; Paul Chek on the green stability ball
17:00  Once David started using a stability ball, the chronic pain in his back started to improve
17:21  Until one night he fell off the ball violently which led to a key innovation, cutting the ball in half so he couldn’t fall off of it; Feldenkrais
19:30  David set out to be as good as Buddy Lee
20:14  The invention of the rope flow
22:35  The invention and production of the Bosu Ball
27:10  David learned that you get a lot more traction with honey than vinegar
27:40  The Bosu Ball afforded David the ability to operate without limits; Ida Rolf; William CC Chen
28:48  When your life is innovation, you spend a lot of time defending patents
34:40  The Weck Method is broken down into 3 core training categories: Coiling Core, Bilateral Torsion, Rotational Movement Training; Philip Beach’s Muscles and Meridians
39:25  Chris Chamberlain, Weck Method Director of Programming, taught David to never bash a tool since it is the user that will define what the tool can do
41:40  David has always been a type A personality, has a drive to win, and refers to himself as an altruistic narcissist
42:40  Inventing the Bosu Ball enabled David to become an inventor, but there have been duds
43:45  Elon Musk says, “The prototype is easy, it’s the production is hard”
44:00  Propulsers; Brian Mackenzie
49:45  What are we getting wrong as an industry?
52:00  Physical education should be familial; Dick Hartzell
59:31  David’s Socials; Chris Chamberlin

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