David Joyce – The Modern Super Coach, Good (Not Best) Practices, and Curating the Environment for Others to Succeed

David Joyce Good (Not Best) Practices

David Joyce
The Modern Super Coach, Good (Not Best) Practices, and Curating the Environment for Others to Succeed

David Joyce is an internationally recognized leader in human performance, strategy and decision making. He holds Masters degrees in both Sports Physiotherapy and Strength & Conditioning, as well as an MBA. He has worked with hundreds of elite athletes, including multiple world and Olympic champions and in multiple sports around the world.

Nowadays, Dave’s focus has shifted much more towards enabling major sporting organizations, corporations and start-ups navigate through the choppy seas of complexity, and set themselves up to thrive in an increasingly uncertain future.

He has written and co-edited 2 internationally best-selling textbooks on high-performance and rehabilitation, and the new edition of High Performance Training For Sports has just been released to critical acclaim around the world.

For more info about David, check him out on Twitter.

Books, Super Coaches, and Raccoon Videos mentioned in the episode: 

05:35  David views the world through a lens of coaching: parenting, executive coaching, strength and conditioning, all of it
06:53  David’s wife, Kay, is a physio and they met when she crashed a wedding in England
07:30  David has pulled off a great miracle in the time of Covid: publishing the 2nd edition of his book High-Performance Training for Sports, which Kelly views as one of the most important books in high performance
08:00  Covid pivots
10:41  David was a physiotherapist for two Olympic teams – Team Great Britain in 2008 (Beijing) and Team China in 2012 (London)
13:22  Kelly’s Instagram browse is all raccoon videos, cat videos, and Chinese Olympic lifting videos
16:45  High performance sport is a way of understanding best expressions of physiology
18:17  Good practices vs. best practices – there’s more than one way to get the result you want
19:25  How do you get people/parents/youth athletes to care about skill and technique?
22:35  Performance is an adaptive system
24:19  The most important job of the leader or coach is to curate the environment for other people to succeed
25:26  You can have really good culture without great outcomes, i.e. Ted Lasso
27:14  David’s second book, Sports Injury Prevention and Rehabilitation, came out in 2016; injury profiling system
33:43  Covid has had a non-viral impact – some people are suddenly upping their exercise volume leading to injuries, and some people have lost all of their incidental activity because they no longer walk to the bus or go to an office and move around
35:14  Brett Bartholomew introduced us to the term “social atrophy”
35:52  The second edition of High-Performance Training for Sports and it includes the world’s greatest coaches and thinkers
38:00  David runs us through a synopsis of High-Performance Training for Sports, 2nd Edition; Nick Winkleman; Brett Bartholomew; Stu McMillan
40:58  The 2nd edition of High-Performance Training for Sports is about 80% different than the first edition
44:05  Coaches have evolved so much overtime because performance include much more than strength and conditioning
44:46  The world needs people and coaches that can connect the dots
45:35  Always be adventurous, curious, calm, and kind; Nic Gill; Dalai Lama
47:09  David’s socials
47:48  What’s David looking forward to?

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