The Ready State Remote Coaching

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Dr. Sean McBride

Dr. Sean McBride received his Doctor of Physical Therapy degree from UCSF / SFSU in 2014. He is also a board-specialized Orthopedic Clinical Specialist after completing his Orthopedic Physical Therapy residency with Kaiser Permanente Southern California.

Sean’s formal training gives him unmatched expertise in anatomy, biomechanics, and clinical reasoning. While studying for his doctorate, Sean began working with Kelly at San Francisco CrossFit. Helping clients side-by-side with Kelly enabled Sean to refine his thinking about movement, mobility, and position even further. Now Sean brings his own innovative ideas and perspective to The Ready State on a daily basis. When he’s not on the clock, Sean continues to pursue his own evolution as an athlete and CrossFitter.

Dr. Kingsley Yew

Kingsley is the founder of Evolve to Perform Physiotherapy on Long Island, NY.
As an undersized “husky” kid who loved to play sports, Kingsley was always obsessed with improving athleticism and fitness. Movement was always in his DNA. However, his passion for sports led to chronic, overuse injuries that often sidelined him as a youngster.

It also filled him with a strong desire to want to help others avoid and prevent these situations and excel. Kingsley believes that overall wellness – being fit and pain-free, is attainable, no matter what age you are. He has the unwavering optimism that we all can do something today to create a better version of ourselves.

Kingsley earned his Doctorate of Physical Therapy from Stony Brook University in 2008. He also earned his Bachelor of Science in Athletic Training from Hofstra University – where he completed his Athletic Training clinical requirements with Division I Level football, wrestling, lacrosse, softball and field hockey and then went on to serve as an ATC for several prominent Long Island high schools.

Dr. Travis Jewett

Dr. Travis Jewett received his Doctor of Chiropractic degree from Palmer College of Chiropractic. Travis has also been competing in powerlifting since he was 14. That means he has over two decades of experience under the bar. And during that time, he has held state and national records for his weight and age.

Travis began to follow Kelly Starrett from the very first episode of MobilityWOD. Kelly’s approach to solving common orthopedic dysfunction resonated with Travis. And he immediately started to experiment with the ideas on his own patient base in northern Iowa. By using basic strength training and manual soft tissue and joint manipulation, he was able to improve the health and performance of his patients. Travis began to tell Kelly about his results and thought process. And after trading texts and emails for several years, Travis officially joined The Ready State team.

Outside of work, Travis likes to spend time with his wife, Sarah, their three children, Bryce, Ian, and Layla, and their dogs. He also loves to lift heavy weights and cook. If anyone wants to come to the middle of nowhere and get tortured in a hot dirty garage, let Travis know. “We have a nice spare bedroom!,” he says.