The Ready State 102: Online Coach’s Course – August, 2021


The Ready State Movement & Mobility 102 Course is a six-week online course with both live video calls and self-paced material.

This advanced course gives coaches a start-to-finish assessment for evaluating an athlete’s movement patterns. It will help coaches understand common types of pain experienced in the gym and what tools they have at their disposal to address it.

After completing the course, you will be able to systematically observe a client’s movement, spot incomplete patterns, and correct those issues with a robust set of tools and techniques.

Completing the course also earns you a TRS Movement & Mobility Coach certification. And we also expect it to qualify for the following CEUs — based on what was approved for the in-person version of this course. However we are still waiting for final approval from each agency.

  • ACE (CEP125759) — 1.5 CEUs
  • ACSM — 10 CEUs
  • AFAA (Provider #: 11,770) — 15 CEUs
  • NASM (Provider #: 4,045) — 1.6 CEUs

* Important: You must have already purchased and completed the Movement & Mobility 101 online course (or our previous CrossFit Mobility course) before you are allowed to purchase this 102 course. If you have taken the 101 and have trouble purchasing the 102, please contact [email protected]. Also, because this is an advanced course, we strongly recommend you complete our Movement & Mobility 101 Course before enrolling.

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