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    My interest isn’t in box jumps themselves, but what this communities thoughts are around the 2 different landing techniques. I’m a traceur and thus practice the forefoot only style of landing, mixed with external rotation of the hips to generate torque, its an overall softer landing. Also, the ultimate goal of precision landings is to be able to land on very narrow objects like rails, which does not give you room to bring your heels down. For me, if you can do a landing without having your heels hit the ground and not have your knees and hips go all over the place, it means you have enough strength and control to be able to come off of that height safely, but as the research paper says towards the end, could there be a potential for injury over the long term? is there something missing in the bio-mechanics if you land only on your forefoot? Am I missing something with my theory?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)