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    sorry had to continue on another post as the character limit was reached…

    Although my question is about deadlifting I want to give a full background in case there are unintuitive contributing factors and mainly in the hope there is someone somewhere out there who can find something in all this to give me a ray of hope.

    Injury list

    • Often get sheering and torsoning/twisting in T spine just from lifting things like laptop bags or luggage
    • Grade 3 Rupture of Left PCL
    • Grade 1 tear of Right ACL
    • Frozen right shoulder after subacromial decompression and arthroscopy (for “Boney Spurs”)
    • Left shoulder “Boney spurs” (Opted to delay operation after what happened to the right shoulder!)
    • Rupture in my right foot planta Fascia (after it ballooning to 11mm) Dont ask me how I did this as I have no clue
    • I have been wearing orthotics since I was about 22 (im 35 now) for flat feet/collapsed arch foot spiral that gave me knee pain
    I am sure that my Thoracic spine issues are a large contributor to my shoulder issues, but no matter how many God damn shoulder rehab things I do I still end up getting the pain, at best I can aggravate it so its sore at worst it gets so bad I cant move my arm it hurts so much (Radiating across my collarbone and the side of my neck.  My physio told me that my shoulder is so unstable that they are predisposed to this type of injury

    I have a desk bound job which means my posture is screwed for many hours of the day.  Its funny this is the first time I have listed all these things in black and white, its actually depressed me

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