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      AvatarAischa Massey

      I am 21 years old, male. I go to the gym and practice armwrestling. I have a pain in my metacarpophalangeal joint and wrist.

       The wrist pain occurs when I abduct my hand until I reach end of range of motion, I keep it there and I flex it a little bit.The pain is at the end of the radial bone and a little bit to the right. It is a sharp pain, not on top of the skin but a few millimeters deep and it goes a little bit into the palm ( a few millimeters also, under the thumb muscle ).
       The metacarpophalangeal pain occurs when I bend my index finger all the way down and with the help of my thumb or hand I bend it a little bit more and push it a little bit towards my other fingers.The pain feels like it is in between the index and middle finger.

      Both pains are sharp, kinda like when someone pinches your skin.It only occurs when I do the movements mentioned above, it doesn’t really hurt when I don’t use my hand.I also feel that my hand is weaker.
      I went to the doctor and he gave me that diagnostic and told me to basically quit armwrestling or else i’ll need and I quote ” a new hand”

      here is a picture of the X-ray.


       I will start working on my wrist flexibility because its not great but I don’t know what else to do, any advice is welcomed.Thanks.

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      AvatarPatrick Thomas

      Are you seeing improvements with your wrist mobility?
      Have you addressed the soft tissue of the hand?

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      AvatarAischa Massey

      Finally a response ! I don’t know what to do to be honest, should I let it heal for a few weeks or I can start with stretching right away ? All I’ve done until now is try to vascularize the hand area, I applied vasodilatation cream, wrapped my hand and went for a run.I also did a few flexibility drills that I’ve seen Kelly Starrett preach.
      Also, I was thinking about light grippers but I don’t know if the movement will cause the bones to rub against each other and hinder the healing.
      PS: I keep on trying to find a chiropractor but I was unable to find one yet in the whole COUNTRY.

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      AvatarPatrick Thomas

      Are you cleared to be able to work on things?
      Were you given PT?
      Are you seeing change with what you are doing?

      Where do you live?
      Have you done a search on the MIWOD List?

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      AvatarAischa Massey

      My doctor said I should rest for 2 weeks and if it still hurts then come back.
      I was not given Physical therapy.He said I should  wear a wrist support.
      Yes but I am not sure if stretching helps or it heals by itself.I think that in 2-3 weeks it will be healed but I am more concerned what I can do after, it still want to armwrestle.

      I talked to a physical therapist via facebook who has a general understanding of how armwrestling works and he said that when I combine the movements of abduction and flexion of the wrist, there is a lot of constriction along the tubercle of the scaphoid. That results in inflammation of the flexor carpi radialis tendon.She said that stretching is ok.

      I live in Romania, I couldn’t find anything in the link you posted.

      I will keep on with the stretching and I will also start strengthening the extensor muscles for the fingers and wrist as recommended by the PT.

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      AvatarPatrick Thomas

      Do you have a wrist support which reinforces proper positioning?
      Are you seeing improvements with the wrist support?

      Have you watched any of the wrist episodes/ Daily MIWod?
      Are you working up/down stream of where you are seeing the issue?
      A couple to get started
      Episode 66: A Front Rack Wrist Mob and More!
      Episode 79: Unglue your arm’s opposite ends
      Episode 145: Wrist Flexibility
      Episode 291: Elbow Pain and Grody-Tacked Down Forearms

      Look forward to hearing how things are progressing

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      AvatarAischa Massey

      I dont think it reinforces proper positioning, it just prevents my wrist from bending so that i dont cause further damage.
      I have watched a couple of them and thanks for the links, will watch them also.
      I am working up and down in the sense that i stretch the flexors and strengthen the extensors, i do not know if rolling will be a good idea since it puts pressure on the wrist but i will start rolling my forearm.
      Thanks a lot for the answers, it really means much.

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      AvatarPatrick Thomas

      Check to see that your wrist is aligned.
      You don’t want to reinforce poor position or limit range of motion once you are not wearing the brace.
      Work up stream to feed slack to the area.  May not be able to perform everything in these untilyour wrist is healed.
      You can voodoo wrap the forearm.If rolling puts pressure on your wrist don’t do it. There are other ways to address the forearm.
      Episode 291: Elbow Pain and Grody-Tacked Down Forearms
      Tuesday, November 8, 2016 Arms & Forearms
      Saturday November 12, 2016 Forearms
      Friday February 3, 2017 Forearms

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      AvatarAischa Massey

      How do i check my wrist?
      Voodoo wraping also puts pressure because it squeezes things.I need to do the opposite of squeezing but i dont know how

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      AvatarPatrick Thomas

      Look at it when it’s in the brace.
      Are things straight?
      Do you know anyone who does instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization or has tools you can borrow? You can re establish sliding surfaces this way too.
      Are you seeing improvements with what you are following?

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      AvatarAischa Massey

      The pain goes away when I do high rep movements for abduction, flexion and extension.I feel like the only thing that is helping is rest. I found a chiropractor in my city and I will go to him as soon as possible.

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      AvatarPatrick Thomas

      If rest is helping the situation rest that area.
      Good to hear you identified a chiropractor to see.
      Look forward to hearing an update.

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      AvatarAischa Massey

      Turns out the chiropractor that I found only works on the spine..I rested it for a while then started training  wrist extensors, pronation, supination and adduction slowly again but the problem is not gone and now it hurts more…I guess I will rest it again for a longer period of time and see what happens. I also plan to make a new medical appointment to a different doctor, maybe I can get some injections in the area to help the healing.

      Here is a xray that I forgot to post, if anyone is has knowledge in the field and can look at it

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      AvatarTom Matchinsky

      x ray looks good. I would do kettle bell work with the bottom of the kettle bell up. Go to you tube and look for bottoms up kettle bell work. Start with a light bell. If rest helps, rest. Make sure when you are doing exercises for the wrist you focus on the eccentric (lowering phase) of the lift.

      Travis Jewett
      MWOD Staff
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      AvatarAischa Massey

      Thanks ! So you don’t see any problem in the xray ? The problem is I do not have a kettle bell.

      I just found this oily cream based on symphytum officinale, kept on applying it since making the post and the pain is almost gone ! still feel stiffness and restriction in the area when I do abduction.When I workout the pain comes back so I’ll try to say away from what causes the pain.

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      AvatarPatrick Thomas

      The cream may have helped if there was inflammation of the bone marrow and surrounding bone from an infection (Osteomyelitis). When a bone gets infected the bone marrow swells and presses against the bone’s blood vessels. Joint swelling can cause pain and stiffness.

      Did you see a new doctor or had a follow up with the one you saw?
      Are you able to get or borrow a kettle bell? Or use one while at the gym?

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      AvatarAischa Massey

      I managed to sprain my ankle and had it put in a cast. Today I went to the doc to see it and to take the cast out and I asked her to look at my xray. She said I have

      tenosynovitis, funny enough the nurse there had the same thing.She recommended rest but she said it can only be solved via surgery.

      I don't think I can get a kettle bell.

      Guess I'll have to manage it with cold water / rest after practice for the rest of my life
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      AvatarPatrick Thomas

      Bummer to hear about your ankle.
      How is the healing/recovery progressing?

      The synovium is a lining of the protective sheath that covers tendons. Tenosynovitis is inflammation of this sheath. 
      What are you doing to reduce inflammation?
      Are you using a splint or removable brace to keep the tendon(s) still?
      Surgery to remove the inflammation around the tendon may be used in some cases. I don’t believe it is a  first option.

      Did you have a cut or infection in the area?
      If so, antibiotics are needed.
      Are you seeing any  improvements with what you have been doing?

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      AvatarAischa Massey

      Thanks a lot for responding to my posts, it really means a lot.
      my ankle is fine…its just stiff. I will work on recovery / mobility

      I am using cold water and that cream that I mentioned above when it hurts or after training
      no…I used one but with no success

      She showed me where the problem is and now i am trying to remember if I ever got hit there by something but I can’t remember.
      here it is

      Improvements yes, with cold water and cream but it never goes away

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      AvatarAischa Massey

      What other methods of recovery are there for this ?

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      AvatarPatrick Thomas

      Repetitive-motion can be a contributing factor to inflammation.
      Do you do alot of typing or computer work?
      Take a look at your hand & arm positions throughout the day.

      Are you working upstream into the forearm?
      This can help feed slack to the area.

      Did the doctor give you any recommendations or info on what to do next with your wrist?

      How is the stiffness in your ankle?

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      AvatarAischa Massey

      She said I should rest and told me one of the remedies is surgery..
      I decreased the amount of training that I do in the gym for armwrestling and changed the way that I pull at the table, now the pain is way more manageable.

      ankle is great, but I managed to pull my back twice in 2 weeks. I deadlifted without my ankle being 100%…
      damn it

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      AvatarPatrick Thomas

      Great to heat you are figuring out things to improve your situation.
      Glad to hear the ankle is doing great!

      Seeing improvements with your back?
      Lesson learned.
      Take a look at the hinge archetype and deadlift prep videos.
      Episode 105: Deadlift Prep
      Episode 106: Deadlift Part 1
      Episode 106: Deadlift Part 2

      Always good to revisit technique for the skill following an injury.
      Keep working with it. Progress is happening.

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