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      Helping out a friend train for Ranger School, recently she has been experiencing wrist pain while conducting chin-ups, a required event for entry into the course.  I looked over all the wrist videos, and found the 21 JULY 2016 (https://www.mobilitywod.com/daily/thursday-july-21st-2016/) preform video that prescribes some hangs, wide arm-curls, banded wrist distraction, and a smash with a double lax ball.  I tested her, ran through the routine and retested, and did find that it helped.  Of note, we followed the exact routine, expect we used the gemini instead of the double lax ball, but should be a similar training effect.  After we did some gua sha to try to free up some of the fascia.  What more can we do? Again this is for a specific event, when I look at her do chin ups, I can see her lack of ROM in her wrists. 

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