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      AvatarJoseph Pierson

      Right Shoulder is significantly hunched over, pulled forward. While benching, no matter how far I try to bring my right shoulder down to stretch my chest, I feel nothing in my chest, because my right shoulder is stuck forwards. I push my shoulder thru a doorway to force it back. If I get it just right, I hear it pop back, but then it immediately gets pulled forward again.

      A trick that I do, with my hands behind my back. Palms facing back. My right shoulder is anterior tilted forward, I can’t bring it back no matter what. I just can’t find the name for my condition. Note: my last resort is a PT.
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      AvatarPatrick Thomas

      Have you had a coach or anyone take a look at this?

      Have you addressed pec and front of the shoulder tightness?
      Contributing factors to your right shoulder hunching over.
      It gets pull forward again because the cause isn’t being addressed.

      Do you have access to someone who does soft tissue work?
      HawkGrips on the front of your shoulder, under the pec, collar bone, scap is a start to addressing the situation.

      Create an awareness of your upper body sitting/standing position. It all contributes to the situation.
      Correct these positions.

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      AvatarKeith Broussard

      In addition to what Kaitlin said hit the t spine too. It won’t matter how supple your peck is if your rounded upper back is restricting scapular motion.

      Also consider doing some joint dynamic work. Lay on your back with the kettlebell in the press poisition keep your elbow locked out. Let the weight set your arm back into the capsule.

      Finally you may just need some accessory work on the posterior chain. Dan John recommends batwings, reverse wall plank and some farmer walks. Joe Defranco is big on doing 100 band pulls aparts a day.

      Chest smashing is part of the answer but don’t forget the other tools available.

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      AvatarJoseph Selva

      I’d recommend working on your humoral external rotators. use the rubber bands. start with 2 sets of ten and work up to 3 sets.  you can also foam roll the chest. much easier for a guy then a female. just lay on the foam roller so that it is perpendicular to your body. rest your forehead on a block for support of your head and neck.  lay there for 5 minutes, taking really deep breaths. you may here chest cartilage cracking once you get up. don’t over do it or look for pain in the pressure. take your time and be patient. you’ll feel some discomfort and pain but let it subside on it’s own. while lying on the foam roller you can also work your lower traps by extending your arms forward, be careful not to over tilt your rib cage, keep your lower back relaxed and focus on lifting from the trapezius muscle. thumbs up. you will look like you are in a diving position. do one arm at a time while your chest is resting on the foam roller.  hope that helps. 

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