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      AvatarJoe Birkenstock

      I was wondering if the smaller or bigger supernova is known to be more versatile than the other? Thanks!

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      AvatarPatrick Thomas

      The 120mm and 80mm supernova are versatile in different ways.
      I use both alot and love having both.

      The 80mm is great for front rack, press, overhead, & squat archetype work. Allows you to be more precise with what you are doing. Good with quad, hand, wrist, feet, ankle.
      The 120mm is good for these areas,& back, hamstring however, sometimes you want to zero in on a smaller portion. I use both many times.
      Working globally to more specific.

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      AvatarANDREW Iarussi

      The smaller the surface area, the more pointed the pressure

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