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      Hey there,

      I would like to know how I know which exercises I have to do before working out and which ones after working out? The supple lopard book is imho not so clear on this or I dont fully understand.

      Thank you
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      I have the SupLeo2 and it has a part about it from pg142. I’m not sure if it has in the first edition I havent seen one since the 2nd came out. In case it doesnt, here you go:

      Pressure Wave: post workout, at night before bed, anytime you ‘re trying to down-regulate, during sliding surface mobilization.

      Contract and relax: post workout, anytime youre trying to lengthen tissue to end range or get a deeper compression when smashing.

      Banded flossing: before and after training, or between sets.

      Smash and floss: no description about it. I think it should be after training.

      Vodoo: before training, when you have a swollen joint, when you want to treat a painful trigger point or joint.

      Flexion gapping: before of after workout if you miss flexion range in knee or elbow.

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