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      Hi leopards,

      Like most of the starters I feel like failing in each archetype/range of motion. My biggest problem is my hip range of motion. I feel a big impingement in the front of the hip while sitting and working out. Even with banded distractions its hard to unimpinge myself. A few things I don’t understand verry wel are:
      – Do I have to do only posterior distractions to put the femur back in the socket, because working on the anterior distracting parts like hip opener I only feel more impinged. (I do have a pelvic posterior tilt so can’t get neutral)
      – When I flex knee to chest my legs automatically flies out (external) past 90° -> I have negative internal hip rotation if you know what I mean
      – I can’t squat, deadlift or even perform a pushup with good form, work on mobility first or try do the basic excercise as good as possible?
      – I’m quad dominant but still have a lack of hamstring flexibility. So deal with what first?
      I could go on for hours about my dissability’s but everybody has his problems and you have to begin somewhere.
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      You need to hit the biggest limiter first.
      With the squat you need to address the hip, knee, ankle, and foot. All impact the squat.
      Hit the hip first.
      You need to work on mobility aspects so you are able to achieve correct positioning when performing the squat, deadlift, or push up. Improved mobility will allow you to perform the exercise as good as possible.
      Part of the reason you are quad dominant may originate from the lack of hamstring flexibility. Your body needs to find slack in the system and found a way by loading the quads.
      3 way hamstring stretch with a band is a great place to start.
      If you go on the CrossFit Journal there are some real good entries that address the the above skills.
      A Correlate Test for Hip Flexibility
      The Position: Part 3—The Push-Up
      Hip Prep
      Lower-Body Maintenance
      Mobilizing the Hip

      And there are several others on the CFJ.
      Lack of internal rotation is part of the problem with the external rotation situation.
      Doing a search on the episodes will pull several episodes that address each of these movements.

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      AvatarKristina Jones

      Thanks for the response Kaitlin

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