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      AvatarKareem Williams

        Hi, I recently injured the medial ligaments in my right knee. I’ve tried to keep mobile and have had some Physio treatment.
        Can anyone give me some advice on when would be a safe time to introduce using voodoo floss around the knee? Thanks, GB.

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        AvatarKeith Broussard

          I’d check with your Doctor. Make sure he/she knows what you’re talking about perhaps bring a band with you.

          Ask him/her if he thinks it will help progress, hurt progress or perhaps he/she has no clue.

          Keep in mind if it feels sketchy it’s sketchy.

          Logic would suggest that compression and movement sooner would help the healing process.

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          AvatarJames Cardo

            By “around” the knee you do mean above and below the joint not trying to stop the patella from moving correct?

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