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      I know the basics for what I should have in a shoe; as close to no shoes.  But I need shoes for everyday everything and I dont usually buy shoes for anything specific.  I usually just pick up  a pair of Nike running shoes and wear them until the sole starts peeling off.  Each time I buy a new set Ill have arch pain.   I want a shoe that’s going to help my mobility isn’t going to compromises any of my positions and it durable enough to last.  

      So what does everyone recommend?
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      vibram 5 fingers bro!

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      Vans or DCs or All Stars are a good choice.
      You experience arch pain when you buy new running shoes because many are built up in those areas of the sole.

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      AvatarJordi Koppenhol

      I love my Vibram FiveFingers too.

      Though I saw somewhere that KStar is not a fan and there are “problems with them”. I would really like to know what because I wear them a lot!
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      So go for shoes that are basically as flat as possible. I would love to get some FiveFingers but I can usually afford one pair of shoes a year so those kinds of shoes don’t necessarily “fit” in for normal wear.  

      Any athletic shoes that fit the bill?
      Thanks for the suggestions.
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      You can crossfit in DCs, Vans, or All Stars
      A couple of others to look at Altrazerodrop or Strike Movement

      People can experience problems with Five Fingers as they ask alot more out of your ankle rom, heel cord etc. another thing that comes into play is what they were wearing prior to the Five Fingers. If there is a big difference between the 2 this is when the transition may not go as well.

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      Thanks for the alternatives Kaitlin.

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      AvatarKent Zelle

      Check out the Merrel Barefoot line. I have had two pairs last me EACH over two years. And I still have the first for painting shoes. Those and fivefingers are the only shoes I wear beside dress flats once or twice a month. The soles are zero drop and very flexible. No squared edges, no foam so your foot is completely natural. Goretex models are water resistance and the mesh kind are cooler in heat.

      I second the fivefingers ankle issues. That’s my major problem lately. Even the mild difference from zero drop in my Barefoots to the fivefingers (they are a negative drop by ~3mm I believe), give me alot of wear on the ankle if I run or hike in them.

      I think you will really be happy in the Merrel Barefoot.

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