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      AvatarSherrell Duanes


      I am a runner, and I notice from photos of me racing, that when I have undergone hip extension, and my leg is straight out behind me, that my leg has also externally rotated (toes are pointing away from midline of body). This is obviously having a knock on effect with my lack of mobility and running efficiency.
      Would you put this down to tight glutes/tfl or hamstrings? When doing hip extension when stood up, the leg externally rotated when I am near full range of movement in hip extension (which is quite poor in itself)
      So, what would you work on if you were me? I have lacrosse balls, rumble roller, and a thick resistance band.
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      AvatarPatrick Thomas

      Is it a motor control issue or lack of mobility required to achieve the position?
      If it is a motor control issue work to correct running technique.
      Complete drills which focus on pulling mechanics.
      One example
      Paradiso CrossFit Running – Wall Drills

      If it is lack of mobility you need to restore normal range of motion to the area of restriction to achieve ideal mechanics and perform the movement correctly. You need to restore internal rotation and bias for running (the movement).
      Internal rotation with flexion bias.
      Episode 230: Squatting With Turned Out Feet? Hey Duck Squatter, IR Yourself.
      Episode 249: Improving Hip Extension (And Internal Rotation) for Running

      Medial shin tack and floss
      Ball stack 1/2 way down the calf. (Becoming A Supple Leopard pages  )
      Episode 258: Ankle Mobility-Self Mulligan Technique

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      AvatarTom Matchinsky

      As you do the drills and stretches Kaitlin suggests it is also good to add in some weighted walking lunges challenging your mid line in different ways (holding dumbbells by your sides, in the shoulders, or overhead) and the same with some Bulgarian split squats. Go slow and controlled, the load will help pattern in change along with running.

      MWOD staff

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