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      On some days when I squat .. as soon as I get very low I get this weird sharp twing/snap sensation on the lateral side of my achilles which seems like it might be my lateral soleus? It also happens on every rep when doing the push press machine.

      If I massage and rub my finger along the lateral edge of my achilles I can feel these strange bumps and they hurt each time I pass through them, maybe 2 inches above my ankle bone. My soleus is extremely tender when I roll the bottom lateral part of it, so much i need to stop!
      Could this be some weird scar tissue?
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      Sounds like it might be a combination of a few things. First you have to loosen up that soleus. Focus on the lower part of the calf when you do any lax ball or barbell smashing. Also, make sure you spend a good bit of time mobilizing the bottom of your feet. This directly has an effect on your soleus. Lastly, use a lax ball to get into your peroneal muscles. This is the muscle group on the lateral side of the calf. Most likely this is what is snapping over the side of your ankle. 
      Good luck,
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      Is peroneal subluxation bad? Mine have for as long as I can remember but never with any pain. Some sites have said it’s bad because it degrades the tendon over time but other sites have said it’s just the tendon simply slipping out of place due to a narrow space or the space it inhabits is not quite big enough…something to that effect. Any thoughts?

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      I rolled my peroneals and was it ever painful – today I can hardly move my ankle without it causing pain up in the peroneal region on the lateral side of my left shin. I’m starting to wonder if I have overly tight peroneals in both of my legs, when I straighten out my right foot and point my toes I can feel tightness along the edge of my foot all the way to my pinky toe and the bottom of my heel where my achilles is attached. I’ve been a hockey goalie my whole life and I’m beginning to think I might have some sort of muscle imbalance and tightness in my lower legs from crouching on my skates the whole time.

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      It may be that you are doing a repetitive activity which irritates or inflames the tendon.
      Or increased your amount of activity alot recently?
      You can fully recover which can take some time.
      Have you rolled your foot?
      Yes, you may have tightness in some areas from wearing skates.
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