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      AvatarShelia Townsend

      I have been dealing with runners knee on my left knee for quite a while and the couch stretch feels great for it.  However, if I get a weird, almost burning, sensation on the front, outside of my quad when I do the couch stretch.  More of an intense tingling feeling.  It almost feels like some kind of fibers in my leg are coming apart.  I don’t have any pain in the area where I get this sensation and have continued to train for a 70.3 triathlon.  I do have some skin numbness in the same spot where I feel the sensation, but underneath it definitely isn’t numb when I roll with a lacross ball or foam roller.

      On days where I don’t have long workouts I can ease into the couch stretch and the weird sensation goes away as long as I don’t push too far on the stretch.  On days of longer workouts the sensation is enough that I feel it is too risky to do the stretch.  Has anyone experienced anything like this?
      Thanks in advance!
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      AvatarGeorge McLaney

      Rob, remember that the couch, like any other mobilization, doesn’t exist just for its own sake, but can also serve as a valuable diagnostic tool. On days when the couch seems sketchy to me I take this as a cue that my quads and the front of the hip are too tacked down. After 5 mins plus of smashing with the Supernova or Battlestar I re-test the couch and the sketchiness goes away/my ROM is better. 

      I hope this helps.
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      AvatarMatt Troutfetter

      There was a couple of MWOD videos on what Phillip just said, although one is only available to mwod pro subscribers


      This is the mwod pro

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